New Life Tabernacle
                    A place where no one has a past ...
                                        ... and everyone has a future.

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    Thank you for visiting the Web pages of New Life Tabernacle in Terre Haute, Indiana. Our address is:
     1851 N. Chamberlain Ave
     Terre Haute, IN  47803

     Our service times are:

     Sunday Morning @ 10 AM
     Sunday Evening  @  6  PM
     Wed. Evening     @  7  PM


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       New Life Tabernacle is pastored by Jeffrey Harpole and his wife Tami. We are affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church International (UPC or UPCI). We are Apostolic Pentecostals believing and teaching the oneness of God. We teach and practice baptism in Jesus' Name and the infilling of the Holy Ghost evidenced by speaking in tongues as exemplified in the Scripture at Acts 2:4, 2:38, 8:16-17, 10:44-48, 19:5-6. 
     We sincerely hope that you will visit with us soon and experience church the way it was intended. We have seen many miracles and have experienced mighty moves of the Spirit of God. Lives are being changed for the better. People are being given a new lease on life. As the Scripture says, "Old things are passed away, behold all things becometh new." God wants to give you a new life. A life a joy, peace, and love in Him.
     We have several people in our church family who would love nothing more than to spend time with you studying the Bible and explaining the wonderful truths we practice and teach - baptism in Jesus' Name, the infilling of the Holy Ghost evidenced by speaking in tongues, the Oneness of God, and so much more! 
     Visit with us soon!!!

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